NICU Resource Connection of Colorado

Connecting Colorado families with local resources to support them during their time in the NICU and the transition home


In a collaborative effort to continue supporting Colorado families during their time in the NICU and in their transition home, Newborn Hope and the NICU Consortium Partnership, developed this comprehensive resource website, “The NICU Resource Connection”, for families experiencing this often overwhelming transition.  Colorado has extensive resources throughout the state, but the system and access to these resources can often be confusing for families.  This is why we have developed a comprehensive list for families to have access to all of the resources in one centralized location.

This website has been generously developed by a team of community members dedicated to supporting NICU families:

Emily Fawaz MS, OTR/L, NICU parent, HUGS committee Chair

Neala Harper MS, OTR/L, Chair of NCP

Allison Bradac, Executive Director of NBH

Michelle Morris, Founder and NICU parent

Sahra Cahoon, Executive Director and Founder

Anna Edwards, MSN, CPNP, PC

Shannon Banks, EI Engagement Specialist

Barbara Deloian, PhD, CPNP, E-IMH(R)

Marnie Bryson, MSW, NICU Project Liaison

Shana Lanzetta, DEI Representative, PhD Candidate

Jennifer Harrison, MS, Program Manager

NICU Consortium Partnership

Erin Petrush, OTR/L